Honors College Events

When: Mon, Feb 26, 2024 | 3pm to 4:30pm

Where: CHHS 155
(College of Health & Human Services, 8844 Craver Road, Charlotte, NC 28223)

Ask yourself…

  • Do you ever feel like the bar has been set so high, & if you don’t reach it, the consequences would be dire?
  • Do you have a tough time accepting your own success (e.g., despite the Honors College choosing you, you feel unworthy to be here)?
  • Do you ever feel like giving up because the stress of it all is just too much?

If you said “Yes” (or anything less than “Definitely not” 🙂 — this showcase is for you!  The following speakers will talk about a time in their life when they failed, but more importantly, will explain how they were able to pivot from that place and grow!

  • Provost Jennifer Troyer
  • COAA Interim Dean JosĂ© Gámez
  • COED Dean Malcolm Butler
  • Chris Hart, CEO at Levvel
  • Frenchie Wilson Brown, Immediate Past President, Alumni Board of Directors
  • Stacey Tillman, Sr. Program Manager at Lowe’s

Failure is not an ending; it’s a beginning.