How to Apply

The Honors College application is closed for fall 2024 entry.

the application will reopen in September 2024 for fall 2025 entry.


DeadlineDecision Notification
Priority DecisionYour application is guaranteed a full review and decision.December 1, 2023February 2024
As Space Available DecisionYour application may be reviewed should space still be available in the program.March 1, 2024March 2024 (Rolling)

Program Applications

  • Applicants are automatically sorted by the major for consideration in three programs.
  • Applicants not selected for AAHP or BHP may be considered for UHP admission.
  • Please Note: Students may only be a member in one of these honors programs.

Required Application Materials

Prepare the following materials to apply to the Honors College:

1. List of Activities

Please list and briefly describe any honors, awards, accomplishments, leadership positions, paid employment, and significant extracurricular activities (ex. community service, clubs, sports, band, orchestra) you have earned or held during high school. Indicate the organization’s full name rather than the acronym for the organization. Add your activities in order of importance to you, with the first activity being the most important. Be sure to include your name at the top.

2. Original Essay

Your Honors College application essay helps us get to know you personally and intellectually. Valid file types are .pdf, .txt, and .docx. Please address the following prompt in no more than 500 words:

Honors and merit scholars programs at UNC Charlotte expect you to be intellectually curious. Tell us in your own words how you have demonstrated intellectual curiosity in your life so far. Use specific examples from your own life experiences to illustrate your perspective on intellectual curiosity and how it has impacted your learning.

The best essays will be:

  • Polished writing that demonstrates authenticity, creativity, and analytical reflection
  • Gives the review committee a clear sense of the unique intellectual and creative contributions you are poised to make to the Charlotte community

Please Note: Applications with essays longer than 500 words will not be considered.

3. Two Academic Letters of Recommendation

Who to Ask

An academic reference is defined as a current or former teacher or professor who was your instructor for at least one academic course.

Who Not to Ask

Family members, friends, coaches, current/former employers or co-workers, leaders of a faith-based or community organization, or similar connections should not be used as academic references.

What Recommenders Should Highlight

Recommenders should speak on your academic achievements, level of motivation, work ethic, and potential for continued success in higher education. Recommenders who are able to provide information about your character, personality, and/or leadership skills are beneficial.

When to Ask Recommenders

Select and approach your recommenders early. Writing detailed letters can be a time-consuming process, and you should seek to provide enough time for recommenders to complete the letter.

How Do Recommenders Submit Their Letter

  • Recommenders receive an email and must upload their letters to the application portal by the Priority Decision deadline, Dec. 1.
  • Applications with incomplete recommendation letters on Dec. 1 will roll over to the As Space Available pool.