Honors Council

The Honors Council is a standing committee of Honors Faculty that serves as the advisory body to the Dean of the Honors College, and reports to the Office of the Provost. The Council also serves to review and evaluate the honors curriculum, program proposals and revisions, and the Dean of the Honors College.

The Honors Council is comprised of thirteen* members, each member having an elected alternate:

  • 1 elected Honors Faculty representative from each of UNC Charlotte’s Colleges
  • 2 elected Honors Faculty representatives from the College of Humanities & Earth and Social Sciences
  • 3* elected At-Large Honors Faculty representatives
  • 1 appointed undergraduate honors student representative

*pending approval by Faculty Council

Representatives (2023-2024):

Cindy Gilson
Associate Professor
Special Education and Child Development
Deborah Beete
Senior Lecturer
Public Health Sciences
Catherine Blat
Assistant Dean
Engineering OSDS
Sandra Clinton
Associate Research Professor
Geography & Earth Sciences
Minwoo Jake Lee
Assistant Professor
Computer Science
Abby Moore
Associate Professor and Education, Honors, & Global Engagement Librarian
Carol Stivender
Clinical Professor
Ashli Stokes
Susan Trammell
Physics and Optical Science
Pilar Zuber
Senior Lecturer
Public Health Sciences