University Honors Program (UHP)

Directly administered by the Honors College, the University Honors Program (UHP) is the oldest and largest multi-year honors program at UNC Charlotte, welcoming students from any major. As an interdisciplinary honors program at UNC Charlotte, UHP encourages students to integrate learning from multiple academic disciplines with their own lived experiences to create new knowledge that is more than just the sum of its parts. Our students are also committed to putting their learning into practice through community-engaged coursework and program-wide service, enrichment and social opportunities. We hope you’ll join our family!

Please scroll down this page to discover information about who is eligible and how to apply, and what the expectations are once you’ve become a member, as well as UHP curriculum and study abroad opportunities.

Eligibility & Application

The University Honors Program has three possible entry points:

  1. Entering Freshmen (including dual enrollment and early college)
  2. Current Students at UNC Charlotte
  3. Transfer Students

GPA/Test Score Minimums:

Entering Freshmen

  • Unweighted high school GPA = 3.2
  • SAT = 1100*
  • ACT = 22*


  • 3.4 cumulative GPA

Visit the How to Apply page to learn more about the process.

* Submission of standardized test scores is optional through Fall 2024.


Membership in the University Honors Program requires active engagement in all areas of our program. To help you create an academic schedule that provides space to meet UHP expectations, you will receive priority registration each semester you are in good standing with UHP. Priority registration is a true privilege that is offered only to a very small number of students on campus.

All members must meet the following expectations each semester:


  • Maintain progression towards completing the UHP curriculum (20 credit hours): On average, this equates to one honors course per semester.
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 and a 3.2 GPA in honors courses.


  • 2 UHP Student Body Meetings (per semester)
  • 2 UHP Student Body Meetings (per semester)
  • Social Events: Attend Pancake Breakfast, Fall Cookout, Winter Solstice, Affinity Group Showcase, All-Honors Awards & Graduation Ceremony
  • Be an active member of at least one UHP affinity group
  • 2 UHP-approved enrichments per semester (one of which must be Honors Research Symposium in fall and Failure Showcase in spring)
  • 1 Honors Core Experience (acquire 45 hours during May – May calendar year)
  • 2 UHP-approved community service events (see Helper Helper*)

*All UHP approved events can be found in our Helper Helper app, allowing you to manage your time more effectively.

UHP Curriculum

The UHP curriculum requires that students take one honors class each semester, on average, and emphasizes scholarship, leadership, and community engagement to build students’ engagement with the Charlotte community in support of UNC Charlotte’s mission as an urban research university.​

Students in UHP must fulfill 8 credit hours of core coursework and, in most cases, 12 elective credit hours: six in lower-division courses (LBST-H courses), and six in upper-division courses (HONR 3700). The curriculum grid below outlines one suggested sequence for a student in UHP who will be on campus for four years. Please visit the course catalog for your entry year for more detail.

Please note that applicants must complete the Honors College Admission application prior to accessing Honors College scholarship applications in the NinerScholars Portal. Materials submitted as part of a complete Honors College Admission application will be imported into the NinerScholars Portal to meet the same material requirements necessary for consideration for most Honors Scholarships. This process is in place to streamline the application process, and to eliminate the need for applicants to submit duplicative application materials multiple times. As a result, you will not be matched with Honors College scholarships in NinerScholars until you complete the Honors College Admission application. Imports will take place five times each day. Please provide ample time for your materials to be imported.