Levine Hall

Named in honor of Sandra and Leon Levine, Levine Hall opened in January of 2017. More than 400 students, the administrative staff of the Honors College, and the Levine Scholars Program call Levine Hall home, making it the hub of honors at UNC Charlotte. Museum-quality artwork, an open reception space, student work-study areas, a public kitchen, community lounges, a game room, and adjacent seminar spaces that may be combined for large functions are some of the many features of this new building. Allow us to show you around…

Administrative Offices

Honors Community Office

  • Four PC computers with double monitors
  • Free printing (up to 100 pages/semester)
  • Two small group meeting rooms with webcam & large monitors
  • Honors students and Levine Scholars have 24/7 swipe access to the space using their 49er ID card.

Seminar Rooms

  • Many honors courses are taught in these classrooms, making these courses convenient for honors students living in Levine Hall.
  • Most honors events, both academic and social, are also held in these spaces.
  • Rooms can be booked for personal or student organization use.

Study Spaces

  • The second floor of the Honors College office features an open study space and a group meeting room.
  • The group meeting room is also host to an honors book exchange. The policy is take a book, leave a book. If you’re lucky, you just might find some textbooks!

Community Spaces

The second floor of the Honors College office also features an open kitchen and seating area (part of the open air study space).

How do I reserve a study room in Levine Hall?

Reserving a study room in Levine Hall is quick and easy! All you have to do is email Shannon Zurell (ShannonZurell@charlotte.edu) indicating the day, time, and room you would like to use. These rooms make for excellent group meeting spots and a peaceful, quiet study space away from the library during peak hours.

*Please note when reserving space that the Honors College and Levine Scholars staff do have priority for the space. We will try to accommodate any student reservations and will alert you of any changes.

Residential Living

Honors Housing

  • The third and fourth floors of Levine Hall are reserved solely for honors students, although honors students live on all five floors.
  • Living accommodations include suite-style and apartments
  • Interesting to note: when students live on campus, they tend to have higher GPAs!
  • Surrounding yourself with students who also care about their studies and have similar end goals helps you to build a strong network of friends to support you throughout your college journey and beyond.

How can I apply to Levine Hall?

You can apply to live in Levine Hall and learn more about UNC Charlotte housing rates by visiting the Housing and Residence Life website. We hope you’ll join us!