Resources for Applicants

This array of resources can help you understand the process for nationally competitive awards at Charlotte, assist you in the brainstorming process, and suggest to you particular opportunities to apply for.

For best results: begin with the Orientation Video, then move on to the Applicant Questionnaire; from there, search out an opportunity on an info sheet and get organized with the other resources in preparation for your first consultation with the Scholars Advisor.

Orientation Video

Welcome! Watch this video for key information on getting started with competitive scholarships and fellowships. You can do it, and this video shows you how.

Applicant Questionnaire

Complete this brief questionnaire and you can get an invitation to a webinar on a scholarship aligning with your interests and goals. After registering for the webinar and attending you can set up consultations in which your application draft materials will be reviewed.

Competitive Scholarship Info Sheets

Click on the links below to find information about competitive scholarships for an area of interest or field of study that appeals to you:

Opportunity Organizer Spreadsheet

Use this spreadsheet (or modify it as needed) to keep track of your progress in researching, selecting, and applying for competitive scholarships.

Mentor Map

Use this “mentor map” to help you brainstorm and identify which people can help you accomplish your applications. (This is optional, but it can help you navigate the different roles that your professors, advisors, mentors, internship managers, community leaders, bosses, and other people may play in your application process.)