Albert Engineering Leadership Scholars


To support students in achieving success in the three pillars of scholarship and applied learning, campus involvement and leadership, and professional development, the Albert Engineering Leadership Scholars Program provides students with the following:

  • An annual renewable merit scholarship, including tuition, fees, room and board ($21,500 a year)
  • Membership in the University Honors Program
  • Automatic acceptance into the Engineering Leadership Academy
  • $6,000 stipend to support housing and meals during a summer internship
  • $2,500 stipend for study abroad
  • Research and professional development opportunities
  • Laptop or comparable technology purchase
  • Opportunity to earn Engineering Honors through the multidisciplinary Senior Design Project team during the senior year
  • Admittance to special lectures conducted by national and community leaders
  • Priority registration
  • Housing in Levine Hall with students from other honors programs and merit scholars
  • Support and advising from the Albert Faculty Fellow


  • Applicants must be incoming first-year students being considered for full-time enrollment at UNC Charlotte in a baccalaureate program offered by The William States Lees College of Engineering for the fall term immediately following high school graduation
  • Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents
  • Applicants must hold an outstanding academic record of consistently advanced coursework, have had prior experiences which reflect ethical leadership and individual development, and demonstrate a commitment to community service
  • Preference given to students with an unweighted HS GPA = 3.50-4.00 OR weighted HS GPA = 3.80-5.00 AND SAT = 1320/1600 OR ACT 28/36
  • Applicants are expected to submit a list of activities, two academic letters of recommendation, one leadership recommendation, and two thoughtfully considered essays
  • Demonstrated alignment with the mission and values of the Honors College and the University Honors Program


The Albert Engineering Leadership Scholarship application is made available to qualified students through the NinerScholars Portal. To learn more about the scholarship application process, students may visit the University Scholarship Office website.

To apply for the Albert Engineering Leadership Scholars Program:

  • Complete the UNC Charlotte Admission Application by the early action deadline of November 1, 2023
  • Complete the Honors College Admission Application by the priority deadline of December 1, 2023
  • Complete the Albert Engineering Leadership Scholarship application in the NinerScholars Portal by January 1, 2024

The following materials are required for the Albert Scholarship application:

Please note that applicants must complete the Honors College Admission application prior to accessing Honors College scholarship applications in the NinerScholars Portal. Materials submitted as part of a complete Honors College Admission application will be imported into the NinerScholars Portal to meet the same material requirements necessary for consideration for most Honors Scholarships. This process is in place to streamline the application process, and to eliminate the need for applicants to submit duplicative application materials multiple times. As a result, you will not be matched with Honors College scholarships in NinerScholars until you complete the Honors College Admission application. Imports will take place five times each day. Please provide ample time for your materials to be imported.

1. List of activities

Please list and briefly describe any honors, awards, accomplishments, leadership positions, paid employment, and significant extracurricular activities (ex. community service, clubs, sports, band, orchestra) you have earned or held during high school. Indicate the organization’s full name rather than the acronym for the organization. Add your activities in order of importance to you, with the first activity being the most important. Be sure to include your name at the top.

2. Two essays

We are providing the essay prompts here, so you have time to thoughtfully prepare your response.

The purpose of these essays is to help us get to know you as a person and understand how you think. You should submit polished writing that demonstrates authenticity, creativity, and analytical reflection. The best essays will give the review committee a clear sense of the unique intellectual and creative contributions you are poised to make to the UNC Charlotte community.

Essay 1

Please make sure to specifically address the prompt provided in no more than 500 words, or your application will not be considered.

Honors and merit scholars programs at UNC Charlotte expect you to be intellectually curious. Tell us in your own words how you have demonstrated intellectual curiosity in your life so far. Use specific examples from your own life experiences to illustrate your perspective on intellectual curiosity and how it has impacted your learning.

Essay 2 (submitted through NinerScholars Portal by 1/1/2024)

Please make sure to specifically address the prompt provided in 500-700 words, or your application will not be considered.

Describe a time when you crossed a social, cultural, geographical, intellectual or other type of actual or perceived boundary. Tell us about that boundary. What challenges did you and/or others experience? What did you and/or others gain?

3. Three letters of recommendation

Two academic letters of recommendation

An academic reference is defined as a current or former teacher, or professor, who was your instructor for at least one academic course. Family members, friends, current/former employers or co-workers, leaders of a faith-based or community organizations, etc. should not be used as academic references.

One leadership letter of recommendation (submitted through NinerScholars Portal by 1/1/2024)

A leadership reference is an individual who has witnessed you in a leadership role with an academic club/organization, faith-based or community organization, part or full-time job, or other setting. Choose an individual who can provide specific information about times when you have demonstrated leadership qualities or qualities you have displayed that indicate potential to be a leader. Your reference may also speak about organizations you are part of which develop leadership skills or allow you to serve in a leadership role. Examples of strong Leadership References include leaders of a faith-based or community organization, counselors or academic advisors, club advisors, or current/former employers or co-workers if appropriate. Family members and friends should not be used as leadership references.

We suggest that you select and approach your recommenders now. Teachers have busy schedules and writing detailed letters of recommendation is a time-consuming process.


DeadlineAction Required

November 1

Early action deadline to apply to UNC Charlotte to be considered for the Albert Engineering Leadership Scholars Program and University Honors Program

December 1

Deadline to complete the Honors College Application (including academic letters of recommendation)

January 1

Deadline to submit the Albert Engineering Leadership Scholarship application in NinerScholars Portal

Early February

Finalists will be notified

Mid-Late February

Virtual interviews for finalists

Early March

Albert Engineering Leadership Scholars Program offers extended