Nationally Competitive Scholarships Advising


Welcome to Nationally Competitive Scholarship Advising at UNC Charlotte! While located in the Honors College, we work across campus with all undergraduate students who are applying to exciting opportunities in research, experiences, and community work, both here in the United States and abroad.

In working with you, we identify links between interests and motivations and the competitive opportunities that are a good match for you. We provide support, guidance, and assistance as you apply, including written feedback and interview preparation where applicable. Whatever outcome is, students and alumni have repeatedly told us that the process of applying itself is valuable, since it invites you to reflect on your talents, motivations, and interests and communicate those clearly to others – abilities that can be vital in academics, in jobs, and in life.

Resources we can offer you as you apply include:

Working together with faculty, advisors, staff, and others supporting your goals, we look forward to meeting you very soon!

Dr. Andrew Keener, Scholars Advisor


Campus deadlines for the Goldwater Scholarship and the Truman Scholarship are all on December 15, 2023 at 11:59 PM ET. Please check eligibility requirements before applying. Please watch this video to get started.

Goldwater Scholarship: America’s foremost scholarship for STEM majors

  • Awardees receive $7500 towards tuition and fees

  • Open a pre-application

  • For Junior or Sophomore students engaged in STEM research: 3.0 GPA and up

  • STEM students who do not yet have research experience should apply to the Amgen Scholars Program (February deadline)

Truman Scholarship: premier scholarship for public service and leadership

  • Awardees win $30,000 toward a graduate degree in an area of public service (not MBA)

  • For Junior students in any major with a record of leadership, service, and academic achievement

  • Email if you are interested in applying, and he can connect you with the application.