Living Honors

Building community is a top priority for the Honors College. With 30 different honors programs, we strive to create one family. Students in any honors program have access to honors housing, priority registration, enrichment activities, special events and speakers, courses with top faculty, scholarships, travel funding to present at conferences, and leadership opportunities. Some programs sponsor retreats, offer research opportunities and funding, and provide professional development opportunities.


photo of Levine Hall

Levine Hall is the center of honors student life at UNC Charlotte. Serving as both the honors residence hall and the home to the Honors College and Levine Scholars Program offices, Levine Hall connects students to important resources, classes, events, and the honors community. Levine Hall is one of the newest residence halls at UNC Charlotte, offering both suite and apartment style rooms, whereas the administrative wing offers academic advising, a quiet place to study, seminar rooms, and event and meeting spaces.

The Dubois Center (TDC)

Honors College Student Lounge

The Dubois Center

Fostering a connection to our city is one of the three pillars of the Honors College (Curiosity, Community, City). TDC at UNC Charlotte City Center is a gateway between the city of Charlotte and the University. Mobile power towers for device charging and a copier for student use are located in the Honors College Student Lounge (Room 503), offering students a place to study, meet with friends or just hang out. Light rail transportation is free for students. Exit at the 9th Street Station to get to TDC.


We encourage students to develop into creative problem solvers and lifelong learners. Offering a wide array of topics inspires students to open their minds to new possibilities. Seminar style classes allow for deep exploration and meaningful communication.


Multiple honors programs serving first-year students offer peer mentoring services to help new students adjust to college life. Mentors meet with their “mentees” to answer questions, provide support, and assist them in building relationships across campus. Smaller class sizes provide students the opportunity to receive direct and indirect mentoring from honors faculty and staff. Additionally, merit scholars receive increased support and advising from dedicated Faculty Fellows.


The Honors College plans a wide variety of events for all honors students, including social and enrichment events. Some of our more popular happenings include our annual Pancake Breakfast at the beginning of school, our Fall Cookout with food and games, and our Failure Showcase that demonstrates to students that failure is a turning point not an ending. When students attend these activities together, they share their thoughts and feelings with one another, allowing them to break down barriers and build community.