Global Studies

Honors in Global Studies

Director: Charles Houck

The Department of Global Studies offers an Honors Program that provides select International Studies majors with the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the field.  Students admitted to the program will conduct intensive research on a topic relevant to Global Studies and their concentration within the major, produce a thesis paper that demonstrates a high level of academic rigor and creative thinking, and present and defend it to a committee of Global Studies faculty for final evaluation.

When can I apply?

International Studies majors who have completed their International Experience requirement and meet GPA requirements.

What are the GPA requirements?

Students must hold at least a 3.5 major GPA and a 3.25 overall GPA to be eligible to apply for and graduate with departmental honors.

What are the curricular requirements?

Students must complete INTL 4601 by producing a detailed research proposal and literature review, earning a grade of A. This will serve as a prerequisite for advancement to Honors Research (INTL 4701). Students must also complete INTL 4701 by writing an original research/thesis paper focused on their major concentration, and successfully defending it before a three-person Honors Committee of Global Studies faculty. The Honors project should produce a final paper of at least 20-25 pages and address a well-defined problem or research question with the goal of developing greater understanding of a theoretical or practical global issue.