Zoe Fox

Zoe Fox Accepts Full-Time FMAP Position with Bank of America
University Honors Program (Class of 2018)

Zoe Fox is a graduating senior of UHP who is majoring in finance. During the summer of 2017, she worked as an intern in the Financial Management Analyst Program (FMAP) at Bank of America. Zoe was able to experience a taste of corporate america within the Global Financial Controls realm of the bank in just a few short months. Her intern class consisted of 60+ students that that fell under the CFO umbrella. Throughout her internship experience, Zoe was able to improve upon her business acumen skills while growing her knowledge of regulatory financial reporting and the training process behind the development of each report. Interns also had the chance to participate in a group case study, and she is proud to say that she sat on a winning team for that exercise. Zoe says, “It was an amazing experience where I was able to network with many other interns, first and second years, senior level managers, and I even had the opportunity to meet the CEO, Brian Moynihan. The best part about the experience was the opportunity for full time employment after graduation if extended the offer. Proudly, I was awarded this offer and have accepted my position in the full time FMAP program where I will begin in June of 2018”. The FMAP program is a two year rotational program that allows its members to sit on one team in an area of the bank for one year and then interview to be on a new team for their second year.

Zoe has some advice for students searching for internship experiences or full-time jobs. First, use UNC Charlotte’s Hire-A-Niner. It’s a fantastic resource and she has gotten all of her internships through the website. Second, your resume is the first thing an employer will see about you. Having your resume critiqued will ensure it accurately depicts your achievements, activities, and competencies; hopefully, getting you to the interview stage. Finally, make sure you are fully prepared for your interviews. Do your research on the company and practice answers to common questions you might get. Best of luck with your internship search!