National Scholarships for Advanced Undergraduate & Graduate Study

National and International Scholarships

The AIF Clinton Fellowship is an immersive, 10-month volunteer service program matching young professionals with development organizations. Fellows work on scalable and sustainable development projects in the fields of education, livelihoods, technology and innovation, and public health. The AIF Clinton Fellowship is helping to shape the next generation of leaders committed to positive change while also strengthening civil society in both the US and India.

Eligibility: Completed undergraduate degree before the start of the program and between the ages of 21-34
Special Criteria: Be a U.S. or Indian citizen, or a U.S. permanent resident
Deadline: January

Funds undergraduate education for science, math, and engineering majors planning doctoral studies and research careers. On campus deadline: Three weeks prior to the deadline posted online at the Goldwater Scholarship.

Eligibility: Sophomore or junior this academic year, "B" or above and in upper quarter of class, Internship or lab assistant experience, Intended for students pursuing a career in mathematics, natural science or engineering, U.S. citizen & legal candidacy resident of state nominating
Special Criteria: Career in Research
Deadline: January

Funds a summer, semester, or full academic year of study abroad to study language(s) in a critical need country for those planning careers in national security.

Eligibility: Interest in National Security and 1 year commitment to work for federal government
Amount of Award: $8,000 for a summer, $10,000 for a semester, $20,000 for an academic year

Carnegie Junior Fellows work as research assistants to the Endowment's senior associates. Applicants must be graduating seniors or students who have graduated during the last academic year. No one who has started graduate studies is eligible for consideration. The Carnegie Endowment accepts applications only through participating universities via designated nominating officials. Visit the Carnegie Endowment website for more information. Learn more

Funds graduate studies in STEM fields.
Amount of Award: Partial tuition support, annual living stipend, and research stipend for three years educational costs and stipend

Funds graduate level study in the humanities at Oxford. The following information is from the Ertegun Graduate Scholarship Programme website:

Eligibility: Humanities (literature, history, music, archaeology, art history, Asian studies, Middle Eastern studies, medieval and modern languages, philosophy, theology, etc.)

The Ford Fellows Program offers predoctoral, dissertation, and postdoctoral fellowships to U.S. citizens with evidence of superior academic achievement who commit to a career in teaching and reserach at the college or university level. Visit Ford Fellows Program for more information. Learn more

Funds research projects, teaching English, or graduate study abroad. The J. William Fulbright - Hillary Rodham Clinton Fellowship will allow fellows to serve in professional public-policy-related placements in foreign government ministries or institutions and to gain hands-on public sector experience in participating foreign countries, while simultaneously carrying out an academic study/research project.
Amount of Award: Living expenses and round-trip airfare plus educational expenses for some types of grants

Funds specific summer study abroad programs in the U.K.

Eligibility: -Strong preference in the Fulbright U.S. Student Program is for those who have not previously held a Fulbright grant. However, those who may have held an English Teaching Assistantship may apply for a study/research grant, provided that at least 2 years have elapsed from the end of their ETA period, and they continue to meet all other eligibility requirements. -Preference will be given to applicants whose higher education was undertaken primarily at educational institutions in the United States. Foreign study during the junior year or other periods of undergraduate study that are inte­gral parts of the curricula of American institutions will not be considered a disadvantage. -Candidates who have not resided or studied in the country to which they are applying for more than six months, not counting undergraduate study abroad are preferred. Duty abroad in the Armed Forces of the United States is not considered disqualifying within the meaning of this section. -For most programs, applicants who have had extensive previous foreign experience in the host country are at a competitive disadvantage, but are still eligible to apply.
Amount of Award: Covers the majority of participant costs

Funds graduate study at Cambridge University. Gates Cambridge Scholarships are prestigious, highly competitive full-cost scholarships. They are awarded to outstanding applicants from countries outside the UK to pursue a full-time postgraduate degree in any subject available at the University of Cambridge. The program aims to build a global network of future leaders committed to improving the lives of others.

Eligibility: There is no one template for a Gates Cambridge Scholar: each Scholar is different and brings something unique to the program. But The Trust is looking for four key criteria. 1. A good fit with Cambridge 2. Academic excellence 3. Leadership potential 4. A commitment to improving the lives of others
Amount of Award: Full educational expenses, living stipend, and airfare

All majors for graduate study at approved institutions in Ireland and North Ireland. The George J. Mitchell Scholarship is a nationally competitive award sponsored by the US-Ireland Alliance. Named in honor of the former U.S. Senator's pivotal contribution to the Northern Ireland peace process, the Mitchell is designed to introduce and connect upcoming generations of future American leaders to the island of Ireland, while recognizing and fostering scholarship, leadership, and a commitment to co... Learn more

Eligibility: -Be U.S. citizens -Be 18 years of age or older, but not yet 30, on September 30 of the year of application (those who turn 30 on 1 October are not eligible). -Have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university before beginning study as a Mitchell Scholar. Degrees from international accredited universities are acceptable, if all other conditions are met. -While married applicants or applicants with partners are accepted, no allowance is made for the expenses of an applicant’s spouse, partner, or dependents. It is important to note that the relevant government agency may require spouses or partners who are non-EU citizens to enroll full-time and prove financial resources for the year or to obtain a work permit before seeking paid employment in Ireland or Northern Ireland. Please check with the Department of Foreign Affairs (Ireland) or the British Council (UK) for details.
Amount of Award: Most educational expenses, living stipend, and airfare

Funds study abroad for Pell-eligible students.
Special Criteria: Pell Grant Recipient
Amount of Award: up to $5,000

For information and application instructions for the Golden Key National Honors Society Scholarships (for Golden Key National Honors Society members only), visit Golden Key National Honors Society Scholarships. Learn more

Funds graduate education and professional development of outstanding students committed to a public service leadership. On campus deadline: Three weeks prior to the deadline posted online at the Truman Scholarship. Rising senior Upper quarter of class Leadership experience Intended for students pursuing a government, not-for-profit or public service career $30,000 total for graduate school ($3,000 as senior; to $13,500 1st year grad) Learn more
Special Criteria: Career in Public Service
Amount of Award: $30,000 for graduate studies

Funds graduate studies in STEM fields.
Special Criteria: Commit to sharing skills when the US is in a time of national emergency
Amount of Award: Full tuition and fees plus living stipend up to $38,000

On campus deadline: Three weeks prior to the deadline posted online at the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation. Must be in senior year or have graduated during past five years Up to $50,000 for first year of graduate study Learn more

Funds master’s degree in American history, political science or government and teaching/education master’s degrees with concentrations in those subjects.
Special Criteria: Plan to teach American history, government, or social studies in grades 7-12 for one year for each year of funding
Amount of Award: up to $24,000

The purpose of the Hispanic Merit and Achievement Scholarship is to recognize past recipients of the LATIN AMERICAN WOMEN’S ASSOCIATION Merit and Achievement Scholarships to encourage Hispanic students to continue pursuing excellence in higher education. Visit Latina Women Scholarship Program for more information. Learn more

Funds graduate study in the United Kingdom.
Amount of Award: Full educational expenses, living stipend, and airfare

Funds academic studies and an internship related to oceanic and atmospheric science, research, technology, policy, management, and education activities.
Amount of Award: up to $9,500 per year for each of two years and $700 per week for the internship

Funds master’s and doctoral research based programs for STEM fields. Deadlines:National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship   Deadlines:National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship US citizenship or permanent resident aliens Primary intended to support research based graduate study Up to $27,500 per year, and up to $1,000 travel allowance Learn more

Eligibility: US citizenship or permanent resident aliens, Primary intended to support research based graduate study
Amount of Award: three-year annual stipend of $34,000 plus $12,000cost of education allowance

Funds internships, scholarships, and fellowships for graduate studies in STEM fields.
Amount of Award: Varies by project

Paul and Daisy Soros, Hungarian immigrants and American philanthropists, established their fellowship program for New Americans in December 1997 with a charitable trust of fifty million dollars. Their reasons for doing so were several. They wished to "give back" to the country that had afforded them and their children such great opportunities and felt a fellowship program was an appropriate vehicle. They also felt that assisting young New Americans at critical points in their educations was an u... Learn more

The UNC Charlotte chapter deadline for the fellowship application is March 15 (annually). Please send your application For further information about Phi Kappa Phi scholarships and award opportunities, please contact Dr. Malin Pereira, Chapter Scholarship Coordinator.

Funds students planning a career in foreign service.
Special Criteria: Career in Foreign Service
Amount of Award: $37,500

Funds second BA or graduate study at Oxford University.
Amount of Award: Full educational expenses, living stipend, and airfare

Funds a one year Master’s Degree in Public Policy, Economics and Business, or International Studies at Tsinghua University in Beijing. The following information is from the Schwarzman Scholars Program website:
Amount of Award: Full costs of education, room and board, roundtrip airfare, and personal stipend of $3,500

Funds graduate studies in STEM fields.
Special Criteria: Commit to working with Department of Defense
Amount of Award: Full educational costs and stipend ranging from $25,000 to $38,000

1. U.S. Department of Homeland Security Undergraduate Scholarships for Rising Juniors

Eligibility: - You must be majoring in the physical, biological, social and behavioral sciences including science policy, engineering, mathematics, or computer science. - You must have career goals aligned with the mission and objectives of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. - You must be enrolled as a full-time student while on tenure.

Funds eligible academic expenses and a session for new scholars for any students interested in conservation and environmental issues or for Native American students focusing on  tribal policy issues and/or pursuing health-related careers. Applicants must be:
Special Criteria: Leadership, public service, and commitment to issues related to American Indian nations or to the environment
Amount of Award: up to $7,000