Dani Ng

Dani Ng in front of her artwork displayed in Student Union Art Gallery
Dani Ng’s Artwork Featured in Sanskrit Magazine
University Honors Program (Class of 2019)

Dani is a junior member of the University Honors Program and is majoring in Biology with a minor in Chinese. When not in the lab, she enjoys exploring her creative side through art. Recently, Dani entered her work to be featured in Sanskrit, UNC Charlotte’s literary magazine. To her surprise, her work was selected to be featured in not only the magazine, but in the Popp Martin Student Union Art Gallery as well.

As pictured in the top left, Dani’s first featured work of art is named “From Chaos Comes the Calm”. Her second work, pictured in the bottom right, is named “Into the Storm, Only Your Real Friends Stay”. Each work represents hardships that Dani has faced. She is able to express herself and her story on the page, helping her through the healing process. Strokes of color represent her hardships, while lines represent how was able to overcome the situation through the support of her friends and family.

At a university of almost 30,000 students, it can be difficult to find your fit and community at first. Furthermore, it can be difficult to share one’s personal stories of vulnerability, resilience, and growth. Dani’s experience revealed the true depth of understanding, compassion, and camaraderie that ensures no Niner will ever be alone. The UNC Charlotte community is there to support you in all of your endeavors, so put yourself out there and don’t be afraid to fail. Who knows, you may even have your work featured in the university’s art museum and magazine.