Political Science


Director: Dr. Beth Whitaker 

Students can earn Honors in Political Science by writing a research-based honors thesis that deepens their understanding of a topic of their choice using appropriate methods of political analysis. Working under the supervision of faculty members, honors students also learn about potential graduate schools and career options in political science and related fields.

When can I apply? 

Students may apply after they have earned an “A” in POLS 2220.

What are the GPA requirements? 

You must maintain a 3.25 overall GPA and a 3.5 GPA in departmental courses.

What are the curricular requirements? 



The Political Science Honors Program consists of a two-course sequence:

  1. POLS 3700 Honors Research, in which the student writes a literature review and develops a research design; and

  2. POLS 4700 Honors Thesis, in which the student completes the research and finalizes the thesis. The student must do an oral defense of the thesis in front of a committee that includes the topic advisor and two other faculty members.

Visit the program website to learn more about the required courses and thesis options.

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