Health Systems Management

Honors in Health Systems Management (ON Hiatus)

Director: Ms. Chelsea Demarest

Honors programs are intended for academically talented and enthusiastic students. The Health Systems Management Honors Program allows these students to complete a healthcare analytics experience and internship/study abroad experience that will challenge students and strengthen their understanding of the healthcare field. 

When can I apply?

Students may apply during their junior or senior year, after they have completed 60 hours of overall coursework and 15 hours of coursework within the Health Systems Management major.

What are the GPA requirements? 

You must maintain a 3.25 overall GPA and a 3.5 GPA within all HSMT courses. 

What are the curricular requirements? 

Students must complete both HSMT 4701 and HSMT 4702, along with an internship (HSMT 4700) or a study abroad experience (HSMT 4790). Visit the program website to learn more about the required courses and thesis options.

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