Education Honors Program


Co-Director: Dr. Amy Good 
Co-Director: Dr. Cindy Gilson

The purpose of the Education Honors Program is to identify undergraduate candidates who have consistently OR who have the potential for demonstrated high task commitment, achievement, and/or creativity. Potential candidates may exhibit these behaviors in any area of study, research, leadership, or service. 

Secondly, the aim of the Education Honors Program is to provide these exceptional students with the opportunity to contribute productively and creatively to society through the field of education. The Honors Program is designed to further develop candidates’ scholarship, research, leadership, and advocacy skills through enrichment, mentorships, and the pursuit of an in-depth study of a candidate-selected topic of interest.

When can I apply?

Students can apply after they have been admitted to a teacher education program and completed at least 30 semester hours of coursework. Students must apply at least three (3) semesters before the semester in which they will be student teaching.

What are the GPA requirements? 

You must maintain a 3.5 overall GPA and a 3.5 GPA in honors coursework.

What are the curricular requirements?

Visit the program website to learn more about the required courses and thesis options.

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