Recommended UNC Charlotte Pre-Podiatry Core Classes

The following classes are recommended for completion of the basic pre-podiatry core at UNC Charlotte. The classes are recommended to cover the minimum basic requirements at the majority of podiatry schools and/or prepare you for the MCAT exam.

General Biology, with lab

BIOL 2120+2130+2140 lab


General Chemistry, with labs ChEM 1251+CHEM 1252  
Organic Chemistry, with labs CHEM 2131+CHEM 2132  
Biochemistry CHEM 4165  
General Physics, with labs PHYS 1101+PHYS 1102  or PHYS 2101+PHYS 2102  
English UWRT 1103 or 1104 Schools require 6 hrs of English.  Some schools may require additional ENGL courses to reach at least 6 credit hours.
Cell Biology BIOL 3111  
Statistics STAT 1220, 1221, or 1222  

Remember that each podiatry school establishes their specific prerequisites;  always double-check the websites of the schools that you want to attend.