Recommended UNC Charlotte Pre-Physical Therapy Core Classes

The following classes are recommended for completion of the basic pre-physical therapy core at UNC Charlotte. The classes are recommended to cover the minimum basic requirements at the majority of physical therapy schools.

General Biology with lab

BIOL 2120+2130+2140L

Some schools will accept survey-level biology.

Some schools require an upper-level biology course (3000/4000 level); Exercise Physiology can often substitute for the upper-level biology course.

Human Anatomy & Physiology with labs

BIOL 2273 +2274  or

KNES 2169+2169

NC DPT programs will accept either sequence.
General Chemistry with labs CHEM 1251+1252  
General Physics with labs

PHYS 1101+1102 or

PHYS 2101+2102

Statistics STAT 1220 or 1221 or 1222  
Math MATH 1100 or higher-level math  
General Psychology PSYC 1101  
Additional Psychology Course PSYC 2151 (Abnormal Psych) or PSYC 2120 (Child Psych) Some programs only accept Abnormal Psychology.

Each physical therapy school establishes their specific prerequisites;  always double-check the websites of the schools that you want to attend.